Open Bug Report

Below is a list of known, open bugs that are in the development queue. They are prioritized according to their impact and major issues are always fixed ASAP. This list is updated weekly and bugs that are fixed will be removed. Our Release Notes section contains details of bug fixes and is also updated on a weekly basis. If you have questions about anything on this list and potential impact on your app or project, please get in touch with your Zerista representative.

Last updated February 12th, 2018

# Subject
2140344 Admin – deleting users in bulk throws proxy error
2203633 Admin – Unable to create a new location rule unless ‘Max no.of simultaneous meetings’ is populated
2194066 Admin – User profile: Conferences view does not show all your conferences (only displays 20)
2049344 Admin – ‘EMS not activated’ when scanning users’ QR code in conference app if exhibitor is set to ‘basic’ leads access
2195841 Admin – event listing page displays wrong number of added events if over 1000
2100561 Admin – Exhibitor importer does not recognize column header ‘sponsorship’
2199492 Admin – menu context – exhibitor>leads page
2202352 Admin – menu context – settings>start-up>app info
2199527 Admin – menu context -settings>external host
2157219 Admin – Native app error page needs styling
1666251 Admin>Importer: Rejects .managment email addresses
1983967 Admin>Maps: Polygons Are Broken
1676487 Admin>Rescheduler: Error message when meeting is not available appears behind pop up meeting window
2114060 Admin>Template: Loading the delete_meeting email shows an internal server error
1867691 Apps: Sync delete needs fine tuning
2059668 iOS 274 – Activity Feed: Comments are cut off after a particular character limit
2111957 iOS 278 – Agenda: when selecting another day filter the time of day directed to is random
2091643 iOS 278 – Deleting Posts Causes Crashes
2104430 iOS 279 – Comments do not wrap long company names of user posting
1935157 iOS 279 – saving a profile without a zip code shows an error
2124762 iOS 281 – iPhoneX: Profile/Details pages slide up slightly when loaded
2126225 iOS 281 – Liking post in post menu causes the page to shift
2129974 iOS 282 – iPhone X: Splash Screen distorts when loading text appears
2029324 iOS 286 – Events: activity feed is not displaying when populated
2192839 iOS 286 – Sponsorship posts sometimes duplicate links beloe image
2199894 iOS 286 – Text size on section headers varies as you scroll the page
2199895 iOS 286 – Tracks are not sorting correctly based on column order from admin
2196634 iOS 286 – Unable to click links in activity feed posts
2192838 iOS 286 leads – archiving a message causes it to disappear
2201017 Website – Locked error message needs styling
2097524 Website – meeting block ‘user status’ text cuts off if meeting block is too small