You can get a list of recommended objects for a user by executing a GET request to



Parameter Details Default
tagged_page Page number of records 1
limit Number of records to return 20
target 0 to return all objects
1 to return only users
9 to return only events
11 to return only exhibitors

XML Response

The XML response will have the root matches and will include different types of objects underneath. See the above sections for examples of the data structures you may receive. If you include the target parameter, only objects of that type will be returned.

JSON Response

The JSON response will be an array of hashes for different types of objects. The types of objects you may receive will depend on the value of the target parameter. Use the value of the type key of each hash to determine the type of object.

Note on default target parameter

If you use the default target parameter (or set it to it’s default of 0), you may receive objects not discussed in this document; therefore, we recommend that you set the value of target to one of the non-0 values in the above table for each recommendations request.

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