Map Features

Action Method URI
Add map feature POST /map_feature/booth
Delete map feature DELETE /map_feature/booth
Get map features GET /map_feature/features/{map-id}

Adding and Updating Map Features

Parameter Example Details
id 3022 Required – Map ID
type FeatureCollection Optional
bbox [11691.582941266224,11711.831524218165] Optional
features[type] “Feature” Optional
features[geometry][type] “Polygon” Required
features[geometry][coordinates] [[[32695.302110699151,20605.339107609954]]] Required
features[properties][BoothNumber] or features[properties][BoothName] “1338” Required

Deleting Map Features

Parameter Example Details
booth_name “Booth # 4111” Required

Getting Map Features

You can get a map’s features by doing a GET to /map_feature/features/{map-id}. This will return a Geo-JSON FeatureCollection object. See