Acting As A User

When using the Zerista API, in some cases it is helpful to “act as” another attendee.  By acting as another attendee you can update the attendee’s schedule (sessions and meetings), specify unavailable times, add sponsors, etc.  This is similar to functionality in the admin that allows moderators to “switch” to another user.

Note you may only act as another attendee if you have edit rights for that attendee. The edit right is only assigned to conference moderators within their specific conference.  Otherwise, trying to act as another user will result in a authorization error.

To act as another user, you must add on of the following headers to your HTTPS request:

  • X-Zerista-Acts-As-Id – The Zerista user id of the attendee
  • X-Zerista-Acts-As-Email – The Zerista email of the attendee
  • X-Zerista-Acts-As-ClientId – The client id of the attendee

When you add one of the above headers to a request, the request will first be authenticated against your API key.  If that is successful, then the header will be evaluated.  If you have edit rights to the specified user, the request will be switched to the specified user.  Finally, the request will be performed.