User Auto-login via API key

You may generate “auto-login” URIs for a user with your API key. You will need to know how to generate an API signature, and you will need the user’s user id. We also recommend that you generate a random salt value for the URI’s query string. This salt is arbitrary and unrestricted.

Here is an example auto-login URI that will log the user into the icon uploader:

[sourcecode language=”text” light=”true”]

The only parameter that is required, in addition to the parameters for the signature, is the user_id which is the numeric Zerista ID of the user is logging-in.

Auto-Login Targets

Path Details
/profile/member User’s profile page
/profile/editor User’s profile editor
/ Conference home page
/item_icon/editor/{user_id}?type=user Icon uploader for the user with the given user_id
(intended for use in an iframe;
use /profile/editor if you are directing the full browser page)