Zerista uses media types to identify the requested API version. This is done by using HTTP content negotiation via the Accept header. A version media type is always linked to a base media type, in this case “application/json.”

To request a specific version of the API, append a version parameter to the standard JSON media type. For example:


To specify the current version of the API, simply use the standard JSON media type:


Although not recommended, it is also possible to use the format parameter to specify the API version:


Versioning Philosophy

Our versioning philosophy is based on the idea that clients should ignore any response content that they do not process. Therefore adding additional fields or sections to the response content is not considered an API version update. However, the removal of any fields or restructuring the response content is considered an API update.

We are very conservative on updating the API because of the required costs in updating clients. When we do update the API, we support the older version of the API for a minimum of six months.