Action Method URI
List Users GET /user
Get User GET /user/member/{id}
Create User POST /user
Update User PUT /user/member/{id}
Delete User DELETE /user/{id}

List Users

These following parameters are available for listing User objects.

Parameter Details Default
user_page Page number of records 1
limit Number of records to return 25
terms Optional, search terms


GET /user


         "position":"CEO & President",
      "profile": {
          "custom_data": {  
            "tag_name":"Additional Filters>Strategy"
            "tag_name":"Attendee Type>Event Coordinator"
            "tag_name":"Vendor / Distributor"
      "content":"    <p><strong>About Zerista</strong><br />
        <br />
        Zerista's award-winning event app powers Customer Centric Events for conferences, tradeshows and corporate meetings. Zerista is the first event app to pair an attendee app with a revenue-focused marketing tool set. The result is an app that wows attendees and pays for itself every time.<br />
        <br />
        Powering hundreds of meetings and events around the world, Zerista is backed by a team of experienced marketers and event professionals who support our software. Zerista is the most complete event app on the market, featuring modern app technologies like:<br />
        <br />
        * Content-focused \"Activity Feed\" mobile interface<br />
        * Gamification<br />
        * Multi-event apps<br />
        * Targeted sponsorship marketing<br />
        * Full white label mobile apps (iOS, Android, HTML5) and web apps for lap tops and desktops<br />
        * 1:1 meetings<br />
        * Smart recommendations<br />
        * Build in lead retrieval & lead generation<br />
        * 130+ \"ready now\" integrations<br />
        <br />
        <strong>About Eric</strong><br />
        <br />
        A meetings and events industry thought leader and proven software executive with a penchant for driving growth in entrepreneurial environments.
        <br />
        <br />
        I'm a frequent speaker at industry events on topics including audience generation, gathering intelligence, sponsorship strategy, exhibitor sales, marketing measurement, and hybrid events.<br />
        <br />
        Prior to joining Zerista, I managed the P&L of ACTIVE Network's SMB technology business through a 5-year high growth period, expanding revenue more than 300% while helping more than 9,000 corporates, associations and PCOs create more successful events.
        <br />
        <br />
        Prior to ACTIVE, I drove the marketing and product management side of an education and e-learning start up, growing that business from <$5 million annually to more than $125 million -- including more than $30 million a year in event sales.<br />
        <br />

            "country_name":"United States"


Get User

You can request a single user via a GET request.  To specify the user to retrieve please refer to Identifying Objects.

Parameter Details Default
id ID of the user 1


GET /user/member/{id}
GET /user/member?user[mapbuzz_auth_attributes][email]={email}

The response body will be the same format as the GET response above but for the current user instead of an array of users.


Create User

You can create users via a POST request using the user parameters specified below.  Upon successful completion of a POST request you will receive either a 200 or 203 http response code.  A 203 response means that the user is already part of Zerista database (from another Zerista supported conference) and was successfully added to your conference (the details you pass do not apply to the user yet).  None of the existing user information is updated.  To update an existing user please see the Update User section below. So upon receiving 203 HTTP response back, please make an another request (PUT).


POST /user

The response body will be the same format as the GET response above but for the current user instead of an array of users.


Update User

You can update a user via a PUT request using the user parameters specified below.  All fields included in an update request will be updated to the given value.

To specify the user to update please refer to Identifying Objects.


PUT /user/member/{id}

The response body will be the same format as the GET response above but for the current user instead of an array of users.


Delete User

You can remove a user from a conference via a DELETE request.  Note that this does NOT delete the user from Zerista, it just removes the user from the current conference.

To specify the user to delete please refer to Identifying Objects.


DELETE /user/member/{id}

A successful  response will not include a body.


User Parameters

General Information

The following parameters are used when creating or updating users.

Parameter Example Details
user[salutation] Mr. Optional, maximum 20 characters
user[first_name] Rufus Required, maximum 64 characters
user[last_name] Kanarowski Required, maximum 64 characters
user[membership] speaker Optional. Values: ‘member’, ‘moderator’, ‘speaker’, ‘exhibitor’, ‘press’, ‘rejected’. Default value: member
user[mapbuzz_auth_attributes][email] Required
user[mapbuzz_auth_attributes][password] mySecretPassword NOT recommended for general use – please talk to your account manager before using this parameter

Employment Information

Setting the employment information will make the user appear in the “Employees” section on the page for the exhibitor with the given company name. This differs from an “exhibitor contact” in that the exhibitor contacts have editing privileges for the exhibitor. Also, setting a company name for a user, does not mean that an exhibitor will be created.

Parameter Example Details
user[employee_attributes][position] CEO Optional
user[employee_attributes][company_attributes][name] Zerista Optional*

* If you specify a position, the company name is required.


You may include a URI to a photo for a user. The file must be available at the time of the request for Zerista to download and store the image. The photo may be in the following formats: GIF, JPEG, or PNG.

Parameter Example Details
user[item_attributes][icon_uri] Optional


Tags are a comma-separated list of words and phrases that are used when users search for users. Zerista also uses tags to identify sets of users for custom functionality.

Parameter Example Details
user[item_attributes][tags_list] social networking, conferences, communities Optional


Passing an address is optional. If an address is being passed, the required fields that constitute a valid address are city, state, and country code.

Note: If the country code being passed is NOT US or CA (Canada), state field becomes optional.

Here are the available parameters:

Parameter Example Details
user[account_attributes][addresses_attributes][0][street] 1721 Gilpin St. Optional
user[account_attributes][addresses_attributes][0][street2] Suite 200 Optional
user[account_attributes][addresses_attributes][0][postal_code] 80121 Optional
user[account_attributes][addresses_attributes][0][city] Denver Required
user[account_attributes][addresses_attributes][0][state] CO Required (if country code is US or CA)
user[account_attributes][addresses_attributes][0][country_code] US Required, 2-char code**

** see

You may add additional addresses by augmenting the index like so:


Phone Numbers

Parameter Example Details
user[item_attributes][phones_attributes][0][work_number] 393-333-3333 Optional
user[item_attributes][phones_attributes][0][cell_number] 393-333-3333 Optional
user[item_attributes][phones_attributes][0][fax_number] 393-333-3333 Optional


Parameter Example Details
user[item_attributes][article_attributes][content] Sandrine is interested in social networking. Optional*
user[item_attributes][remove_article] 1 Optional. Passing a value of 1 will remove the biographical information from the user.

* Biographical information must be well-formed XHTML.

Web Links

Parameter Example Details
user[account_attributes][web_links][blog] Optional
user[account_attributes][web_links][linkedin] Optional
user[account_attributes][web_links] Optional
user[account_attributes][web_links][website] Optional
user[account_attributes][web_links][twitter] Optional
user[account_attributes][web_links][rss] Optional

Custom Data

You can use the custom data field to attach any data that doesn’t fit into the fields above. Note that this field accepts only a stringified JSON object as show in parameters below:

Parameter Example Details
user[account_attributes][profiles_attributes][0][custom_data] “{\”project_1\”:{\”focus_area\”:\”Computers\”}}” A string with valid JSON content

Account Preferences

You may add additional preferences by augmenting the index like so:

Parameter Example Details
user[account_attributes][preferences_attributes][0][key] Virtual Required
user[account_attributes][preferences_attributes][0][value] 1 (for true), 0 (for false) Required

News Feed Support

The user api supports returning users via the Atom Response format.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
<entry xmlns=""
  <link rel="self" type="application/atom+xml"
        href="" />
  <link rel="alternate" type="text/html"
        href="" />
  <content type="application/xml">
    <person xmlns="">

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