Mobile App Sync Times

The Zerista app for iOS and Android are designed to work offline. To enable this, the app checks every five minutes for any data that needs to be synced and stores it locally on the phone.

Syncing data requires balancing the need for having the most up to date information as possible against a phone’s battery life. As a result, the apps use two different sync strategies.

The first strategy is based on receiving a notification feed from the server.  These notifications include deletions of attendees, exhibitor and sessions.  These notifications are checked every five minutes.

The second strategy is based on periodically polling the server.  The polling interval is different for different types of data. The default sync times are:

  • Attendees (1 hours)
  • Account Tags (1 hour)
  • Chatter (3 minutes)
  • Collateral (2 hours)
  • Conferences (1 hour)
  • Discover (6 hours)
  • Events (1.0 hour)
  • Exhibitors (1 hour)
  • Exhibitor Booths (12 hours)
  • Maps (1 hour)
  • MenuItems (12 hours)
  • Message (15 minutes)
  • My Attendees (30 minutes)
  • My Events (30 minutes)
  • My Exhibitors (30 minutes)
  • Meetings (15 minutes)
  • Posters (1 hour)
  • Social Logins (12 hours)
  • Social Login Providers (12 hours)
  • Sponsorship levels (12 hours)
  • Surveys (1 hour)
  • Translations (12 hours)