Sponsorship Placement

Below are a few examples on sponsorship placement.

Website banner

This is a great place to incorporate partner and sponsorship images. The image can even link over to their website.

Rotating Banner on the Website

Take a look at the following graphic. On the right hand column at the top there is a rotating banner. We suggest having 3 – 5 rotating images.

Mobile App Splash Screen

This is a splash screen that displays when a user opens the application or logs in to the app.

Mobile App Banner

This banner displays at the bottom of the home page of the app. It can contain your branding and also partner and sponsorship logos.

Sponsored Sessions

If you have sessions that are sponsored by companies, you can include the sponsoring company logo in the event listing; either in the image field, or in the description field.

Website Home Page Middle Column

You can put any text/images here you want to, including recognition of sponsors/exhibitors.

Broadcast Messages

You can set out broadcast messages to everyone (or a subset of people based on interests tags or activation status), including sending recognition emails about sponsors.