Graphics we need to skin sites and create your applications are documented in the Getting Started Guide. But, occasionally we get request for other sizes. Below are answers to some of those requests.

  • Webpage 3-column layout
    Left Sidebar: 200px
    Main Column: 505-520px
    Right Sidebar: 220px
  • Webpage 2-column layout
    Percentage widths are used in 2 column.
    Usual content width: ~1000px
    Main column: 60% or 500-580px
    Right sidebar: 30% or 300-360px
  • Square graphic for people, exhibitor, and event pictures when uploading is 150×150 (preferred); although the system will re-size any graphic to this size.
  • Sponsor graphic for right sidebar is 160×120.
  • App home page icons: 160×160 & 280×280
  • Custom page width: 960