Sending Invitations & Reminders

You are ready to invite user(s) to the platform! All of this can be managed in the admin tool.

* Make sure to test your templates before sending an invitation or reminder! (setup tab –> email templates –> select each template –> test template –> send)
* Users are sent only ONE invitation in the system, each subsequent email is a reminder
* Users may be sent multiple reminders
* A moderator may send only one invitation or reminder every 48 hrs to any one user. Reminders are good especially right before the show, but you do not want to over spam your user base!
* Once you have finished sending your invitation or reminder, be sure to check the stats dashboard under the “Home” tab. This is an at-a-glance view of those who have been invited or reminded (this board might take a few minutes to update once you’ve sent the email, so make sure to refresh your page).

To send an invitation or reminder:
* Select the Attendees tab –>
* Select the membership type on the left-hand side to which you would like to send an email (e.g. Exhibitor, Member, Speaker) –>
* Select the top check box on the gray bar (all users should now be checked on the page) –>
* Another check box will appear IF there are multiple pages, stating “you have selected the 25 attendees on this page, but there are more pages. Would you like to select all?”. Select the additional check box –>
* Select the “invite” button. Or, you may select the “remind” button to a send a reminder to all.
* Repeat steps above for all other membership types necessary (e.g. Exhibitor, Member, Speaker)

* The system allows only 500 invitations or reminders to be sent at any one time. If you have more than 500 attendees, wait for the stats dashboard to update and then repeat steps above.
* By selecting “all”, it may appear the system is sending another invitation or reminder to a user that has already activated their account — the system however will NOT allow another email as it is based on user account status.
* If you have loaded any users to the system that do NOT have a membership type, they can be found in the “New” category on the left-hand side. Once these users are invited with the steps above, their membership type will be updated to “Member”.
* To send only one invitation or a select few, make sure to select the membership category to the left-hand side to which that user(s) is a part of, check the box next to their name, then select “invite”.