December 4, 2017

  • Admin – Menus: Auto scrolling back to top of page to edit selected menu
  • Admin – Menus: Recently changed menus appear in red.
  • Admin – Menu Editor: Improve the display of the menu name when creating new menus
  • Admin – New Asset Size for iPhone X (1125×2436)
  • Admin – Permissions on custom pages and menu items.
  • AppsActivation page styling.  We updated the ‘i know my password’ link to be a button.  The buttons can now be styled to match your theme colors. Available in version 281 of iOS and 13.03 of Android
  • iOS – iPhone X support
  • iOS – Improved broadcast message support for container apps. Available in version 281
  • iOS – Improved notification support for container apps and series apps. Available in version 281
  • Website – Improved styling for grip UI for Desktop


October 30, 2017

  • Admin – Added a horizontal scrollbar for survey feedback page to make it easier to see results when there are numerous questions.
  • iOS – Spanish language translations updated.  Available in version 278 of  iOS
  • Website – Removed expired meetings status from displaying on meeting grid when booking.
  • WebsiteGrip UI for desktop.  We created a similar UI for Grip Matchmaking on the website for pre-event networking.

Open Bugs can be reviewed HERE
Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE

October 23, 2017

  • Infrastructure – Improved integration with Grip. Grip provides AI based matches shown in the Zerista app to make sure your attendees meet the right people at your conference.
  • iOS – Removed filter option from displaying on attendee matching page. Available in version 278 of  iOS

Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE

October 16, 2017

  • AdminNew field additions to the quick setup pages.  We added  a conference launch date field so other tasks show the correct due dates during the setup process.  We also added fields for the conference size to review on the kick off call (attendees, speakers, sessions, companies, etc).
  • Admin – Meetings auto confirmed by reg type.  We added a user interface on the meeting rules page to let you set which reg types should auto confirm their meetings with other reg types.  If you choose ‘_attendee’ that is choosing to auto confirm with all reg types.
  • iOS – Removal of Meeting cancellation prompt.  When you cancel a meeting request it will now just cancel the request instead of displaying a prompt to action. Available in version 278 of  iOS

Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE

October 9th, 2017

  • AdminImproved task page styling – We updated the UI to highlight overdue tasks and display more tasks in the default page view
  • Admin – New Moderator invite template created.  We created a better invitation template to help get new moderators up to speed.
  • Infrastructure – Additional enhancements to our integration infrastructure making it even easier and faster for us to integrate with your internal systems or other third party vendors.

Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE

October 2, 2017

  • AdminMeeting Reminders.  You can now setup timed reminder emails to attendees with outstanding meeting requests.
  • AdminMeeting Expiration.  You can now automatically expire pending meeting requests after a certain amount of time has passed.
  • Admin – Meetings auto confirmed by reg type.   You can now specify that certain meeting requests should be auto-confirmed based on the registration type of the meeting requestor.

Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE