Loading Poster Data


To create/import posters the csv file needs to have the following columns:

  • Poster ID (Required only when updating posters. Should be left blank for new posters.)
  • Title This is a required field.
  • Institution, Optional
  • Description, Optional
  • Tags, Optional Comma separated list of tags. For example: Networking,conferences
  • Groups, Optional Comma separated list of groups. For example: Monday AM Session, Tuesday PM Session
  • Location, Optional, Example: Room 7

Helpful hints / Things to remember:

  • Please make sure you are importing a file with the extension .csv.
  • After you import the file, you will receive an email shortly after the posters have been uploaded into the system. If any posters were not uploaded, you will receive an attachment named error_rows.csv that will highlight the posters that weren’t loaded and the underlying reason.
  • Sample file for upload may be found here: Poster Sample

Exporting Posters

After you are done importing, if you would like the update a few posters, please make use of the “Export Posters” button under the Posters tab in the admin section.

You will then receive a .csv file to your email within a few minutes that will contain all the poster information in the system. Every poster will have a value in the column “Poster ID”. So you can update any information in this file and re-import the file. The system will update the corresponding poster with the help of the poster id in the “Poster ID” column.