Loading Exhibitor Data


Exhibitors refer to the company listing, not the individuals associated with an exhibitor (exhibitor contacts).

The unique identifier in the system for an exhibitor is the exhibitor name.

TIP! Load exhibitors before loading exhibitor contacts through the attendee loader. When you load an exhibitor and the company name for that person matches the name of a company already created for the event, the system will automatically make that person an exhibitor contact for the company.

Creating Sponsorship Levels

Importing Exhibitors

  1. Populate the following template with your data: Exhibitor_Import_Template(4).
  2. Save your file as .csv
  3. Upload your template.

Manually Adding Exhibitors

Adding Exhibitor Contacts

Adding an exhibitor contact gives a user the permission to access and edit company profile data. When this user logs in, they will see an additional menu item “My Exhibitor” (or “My XXXX” based on terminology). Here, they may create a virtual booth by adding a company logo, web links, brochures and other media information. [Note: Your project must include a full website for exhibitor contact access. This may not be done through the mobile web or native applications.]

You may add exhibitor contacts using the Attendee importer (see http://dev.zerista.com/moderators-how-to-use-the-zerista-platform/loading-attendee-data/), or using the following method:

* In the admin tool, select the Exhibitors tab

* Locate the company of interest, and to the right select “contacts”

* Select “contact” once again.

* Add a user by their email address (as listed in the system)

* Select “Add”

* Add multiple email addresses for multiple contacts