How to Identify Objects

Zerista provides two ways for identifying Events, Posters, Exhibitors, Users, and Meetings. You can use either the Zerista id or your own id, which we call a “client id.”

A client id is a value specified by you when creating new objects. It allows you to easily find your objects for update requests. Each client_id must be unique for each object type (e.g. you cannot have the client_id “abcdefg” for more than one user, but you may have it for a user and an exhibitor). We provide this capability so that you do not have to save and recall the Zerista IDs for each request. The format of the client_ids is unrestricted except that it cannot exceed 64 characters.

When the API specifies an {id} parameter –


You may either use an integer to specify the Zerista id:


Or specify a client id:


Users and Exhibitors may have more than one client_id. This is useful if your event has multiple organizations implementing integrations. To add a client_id to a user, simply pass an update request with the new client_id, and the system will automatically match based on the user’s email address and add the new client_id. For Exhibitors, this works the same way except the match is based on the company name. Multiple client_ids is not yet supported for Events.