Helping Attendees to Log On

If an attendee comes and asks for help logging on to the system, the quickest thing for them and for you is to set them a password, give them their user name, and give them the URL to the site.

Here are the steps.

  1. Make sure the person is in the system by searching in the Admin tool on the Attendees page. This is an exact “full” search. So you must type Simon, and cannot type Si to find a person named Simon. If a person is not in the system, you will need to create them through the Create button on the Attendees tab.
  2. Once you find the person, click on the ID that will display next to their name. A new page will display that is all about them.
  3. Scroll down until on the left hand side. If you see a button that says UNLOCK, this means their account is locked because they have tried the wrong password to many times. Click UNLOCK and the button will change to LOCK, indicating their account is now unlocked.
  4. Continue scrolling down until you see Password. This allows you to set a password for them. FYI, you can’t ever see a person’s password, just reset their password.
  5. Set a new password. Usually a name of the conference followed by 123 is an easy password for an attendee to remember until  they reset the password themselves once they log in.
  6. Simply tell the attendee to go to the conference URL or start the App for the conference, and log in with their email and the password you just created!