Zerista Bug Fixes

March 27, 2017

  • Admin – Removed ‘set unavailable times’ tick box on ‘actions’ page as it was not designed to remove that ability from users.  To do so please disable ‘my unavailable times’ on the actions page  and then remove the ui section under ‘my meetings’.
  • Apps: Fixes for Gimbal v2.53 (Beacons) – We fixed several bugs we found from last weeks release dealing with notifications not delivering, urls not opening correctly, and multiple beacons messages not being delivered to the device.  Updated in version 246 of  iOS app and 11.80 of Android
  • Android – Posters not deleting from devices as the delete sync was broken. Updated in 11.78 of Android
  • Android – Leads App: Password reset was crashing the app upon submission. Updated in 11.79 of Android
  • iOS – Tapping ‘conferences’ crashes container app.  This is still an issue on non container apps but as its a stand alone event this should not be an issue. Updated in version 243 of  iOS app
  • iOSLogin terminology not updating upon first time launch.  Admins were changing wording of email/password to more specific text and users were not seeing this.  Updated in version 245 of  iOS app
  • iOS – Container App: SSO Password reset link broken.  If a client is using an SSO to login users the ‘need help logging in’ link was not directing back to the clients site for assistance.  Updated in version 245 of  iOS app

March 20, 2017

  • iOS – Conference surveys were not appearing on ‘my surveys’ page. Fixed in version 243 of app
  • iOSLogging out of the app causes the fonts to disappear. Fixed in version 243 of app
  • iOS – Location Links Broken – This was happening when the location was not in devices pre-populated database. Fixed in version 243 of app

March 13, 2017

  • Admin – Users who set visibility setting to private prevents moderators from updating the profile
  • Android – calendar crashes when synced to ‘my events’.  Fixed in version 11.58 of app
  • iOS – Pre-populated databases not downloading.  The phones when initially syncing data grab a pre-populated list of information.Fixed in version 242 of app
  • Meetings Recommendations – Screen auto scrolls down on Recommendation page.  When scrolling the meeting recommendation page the left side bar scrolls out of view and then re-appears when it should not.

March 6, 2017

  • Admin – Mass changing membership type in admin not functioning correctly.  If you searched for a list of users and highlighted them to change their membership the admin was changing all users in that reg type not just your specific search results.
  • Admin – Branding/Ads: Image Mapping not saving.  When trying to hyperlink an icon on a banner the mapping code would not save.
  • iOS – Taping a poster location from the listing page does not highlight the location correctly on the venue map. Fixed in version 240 of app
  • iOS – Unable to select a search result under ‘more’ tab.  If you used the global search on the app you were unable to tap on one of the results that appeared. Fixed in version 241 of app

February 27, 2017

  • Mobile – Maps were not rendering when clicked on
  • Website – Meetings: If one member of your meeting invite is unavailable all users were showing as unavailable.

February 20, 2017

  • Admin – Database stripping out slash (/) tags breaking integration feeds
  • Admin – Permissions: moderators were not seeing checkin results in admin
  • Apps – iOS: clicking users company names take you to the wrong exhibitor profile.  Fixed in version 239 of app
  • Infrastructure – SendGrid Reset Password not matching Zerista’s password.
  • Website – Collateral icon overlapping session title in session listing view
  • Website – When an exhibitor profile is set to have an offsite contact the message and meetings buttons are still displaying against the companies profile.

February 13, 2017

February 6, 2017

  • Admin – Error copying menus and terminology in admin
  • Admin – New Ad setup no longer allows banners to be blocked if AdBlocker is installed
  • Apps – Same map list was loading for all conferences (apps now show their correct maps only, server side change no new app version needed)
  • Apps – iPad action buttons disappear when iPad is rotated (version 236 needed for this change)
  • Website – locations when hovered over on venue maps showed as unidentified.

January 30, 2017

  • Admin – Permissions fix for exhibitor notes:  Last week we ran into an issue where an admin disabled exhibitors from posting in the activity feed.  As a result of that exhibitors were also not able to add notes against a user using the leads app.  Both share the same code so one permission turned off the other.
  • Admin – Rescheduler bug: IF you have multiple columns open, and change a meeting, it lists them in every open schedule. When you refresh, it disappears and displays properly: (see attached)

    iOS – Tab Bar Theme Not Syncing:  The theme isn’t syncing reliably so the old theme from the Prepop DataBase was not being updated consistently.

January 23, 2017

  • Admin – Theming: Color picker no longer accepts invalid hex colors
  • Admin – Theming: html buttons were not appearing on website/app
  • WebsitePoster Collateral Icon was misaligned
  • Website – Deleting a canceled meeting from your schedule now redirects out of the deleted meeting back to your schedule

January 16, 2017

  • Admin – Permission role editor ignoring member states
  • Admin –  Unable to sort by meetings on schedules page (we removed this function as it cant work with our current backend design)
  • Admin – Having no start/end date causes internal server error when clicking Rescheduler
  • Exhibitor Portal – Note, subject line defaulting to “Note” even when it has been changed to something else
  • Infrastructure – Theming migration: Bold font was not being recognized on the website
  • Mobile Web – Hyperlinks do not work in messages when tapped.

January 9, 2017

  • Admin – Remove Mobile Hamburger Menu from setting page
  • iOS –  Videos not working consistently – server side change to fix no new version needed of application.
  • Website –  Printing schedule throws internal server error

January 2, 2017