Product Enhancements & Resolved Issues

  • Admin – Meeting modified email templates were not formatted correctly
  • Admin – Moderator authentication now required to view user QR codes
  • Admin – Surveys: Conditionally required questions were not being required for submission
  • Native Apps/Mobile Web – Theming: Active background color was not working. Fix available in iOS: 33.1.2, Android: 15.55.5
  • Integrations – Except Exhibitor entries without a type
  • Website – Ability to customize Zerista tag line /url
  • Website – Meetings: Viewing an existing meeting profile was recalculating the location
  • Website – Virtual Conference: Single Sign On now available with Eventsforce attendee integration
  • Website – Virtual Meetings: Exhibitor contacts can now join a meeting they are not ‘assigned’ to

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Resolved Issues can be reviewed HERE