Product Enhancements & Resolved Issues

May 8th, 2019

  • Admin – Copy menu was restyled and unused entries were removed.
  • Admin – Native Apps: Prevent client app delivery to Zerista store
  • Admin – Rescheduler: Manually scheduling a meeting was sometimes setting the wrong grid time
  • Admin – Schedules: Autocomplete was not working for ‘participant’ rules
  • iOS – Company profiles were not including phones numbers in display output. Fixed in version 32.3
  • iOS – My surveys menu was displaying event/meeting times in military time regardless the phones locale settings. Fixed in version 32.3
  • iOS – Leads: Profiles were not displaying users full address details when scanned. Fixed in version 32.3
  • iOS – Search results were not displaying correctly when implementing a blank search. Fixed in version 32.3

Open Issues can be reviewed HERE
Resolved Issues from last week can be reviewed HERE