Product Enhancements & Resolved Issues

April 23rd, 2019

  • Admin – Exhibitor: Ability to select more than one booth location
  • Admin – Menu editing was not working
  • Admin – Schedules: Increased font size on PDF prints
  • Admin – Stats: Invited attendees stats were not populating
  • Android – Agenda menu was freezing on older devices. Fix available in version 15.05
  • Desktop Web – Exhibitor profiles were not showing multiple booths when editing your profile
  • Desktop Web – Survey: Long surveys were not scrolling down to ‘save’ button correctly
  • Desktop Web – Users now bypass on-boarding when directed to parent conference url. Users can login and see the events they have access to
  • iOS – Pre-populated databases were not downloading correctly. Fix available in version 320

Open Issues can be reviewed HERE
Resolved Issues from last week can be reviewed HERE