Product Enhancements & Resolved Issues

At Zerista, we are committed to innovation. As we work to improve our products, we’ll maintain a list of product changes and resolved issues. If you have any questions, please contact your project manager or visit our support center.

April 5th, 2019

  • Admin – Maps: Drawing boxes using the latest version of chrome was not working
  • Desktop Web – Icons: Meetings icon was missing from top navigation dropdown
  • Desktop Web – Icons: My sponsor icon was missing from lefthand navigation
  • Infrastructure – Maps: Upgrade to Leaflet 1.4
  • Infrastructure – Normalize Message Create URL. We used to have two urls and it would cause some messages to error upon sending.
  • Infrastructure – Performance: Avoid repeated queries to /profile/member from Zendesk widget on desktop/admin. All pages with the Zendesk widget present should load faster as a result
  • Infrastructure – Performance: Optimize load time of tasks in launchpad
  • Infrastructure – Performance: Optimize load/submission times of Zerista surveys.
  • Mobile Web – Schedule/Survey pages needed styling

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