Product Enhancements & Resolved Issues

At Zerista, we are committed to innovation. As we work to improve our products, we’ll maintain a list of product changes and resolved issues. If you have any questions, please contact your project manager or visit our support center.

March 16th, 2019

  • Admin – Date pickers were shifting to the next day if time was set after 5 pm
  • Admin – Scheduler: Event Scheduler was not updating event time stamps (delayed syncing to devices as a result)
  • Admin – Surveys: Deleting a survey was prompting an invalid error message
  • Android – Linkedin page was causing app to crash in onboarding. Fixed in version 14.91
  • Infrastructure – Removed JQuery from our autocompletes and installed a different library
  • iOS – Branding Banner changes were not syncing. Fix in version 3.18
  • iOS – Sort by company/state was returning blank listing. Fix in version 3.18
  • Website – Ability to customize your sort/filter parameters on all listing pages . With our new admin filter UI you can set a default sort order, highlight specific tag sets, and reorder the whole display so users see what is most important. Native apps coming hopefully soon!
  • Website – Exhibitor: Booths selections were disappearing when contacts were updating their profile
  • Website – Filtering re-design on all listing pages. All tags types now appear under a simplified icon instead of in the page side bar. Filtering is faster as the page no longer reloads when you select a tag. Lastly there is a count function that will show you how many profiles have that tag set before closing the filter box.
  • Website – Meetings: Notes Icon was misaligned in meeting profiles
  • Website – Posters: Filtering by institution was broken
  • Website – Sponsor widget was misaligned when company recommendations present

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