Last Week Tonight – April 2nd, 2018

Below is a review of our Product updates from last week!

April 2nd, 2018

  • Admin – Add ability to change ‘apple store’ after native app creation.
  • Admin – Validation added to prevent duplicate ‘store’
  • Infrastructure –  Upgraded Janrain social component to latest version.
  • Infrastructure – Support iOS App Thinning. Our apps can get big because we store 11 different copies of the launch images (for different iOS device sizes). This gets some apps to 80MB (of course LinkedIn is 250MB and Facebook is 350MB).
  • Infrastructure – Updated to Ruby 2.5.1, which includes various security fixes
  • iOS – Ability to edit notes offline.  This is supported by the conference and leads app. Available in version 290
  • iOS – Upgraded Gimbal SDK to latest version. Available in version 290

Open Bugs can be reviewed HERE
Bug Fixes from last week can be reviewed HERE