Last Week Tonight – March 5, 2018

Below is a review of our Product updates from last week!

  • Admin – Added gaming widgets to default home page.  These will only display on your app if you have a game created with achievements.
  • Admin – Global stats report and export added to parent platforms.  For moderators running multiple events within the Zerista platform you can now view stats for multiple shows at once.  Login to your parent platform and click stats in the lefthand pane.  Set your date range and you will be able to see high level stats in ‘bar’ and raw data’ form.  If you want to view this data in csv format click ‘All Conference Export’ at the top of the page and the system will send you stats for all your conferences.
  • Admin – The ‘refresh data‘ link has been removed from moderator view on the stats page (remains for Zerista Super Admins and now called ca). If your stats seem incorrect please reach out to your Zerista PM and they can clear out the cache on your stats to make sure the latest data is showing.
  • Admin – Removal of Tableau reporting from stats menu in admin.  The Tableau interface is slow to load and missing several new reporting widgets added in our admin.  Given both of these, we are retiring the reporting tool from our dashboard.
  • WebsiteLogin/Activation/Reset process updated to match the native apps.  This is phase one of our on-boarding changes.  Phase 2 will be the new on-boarding pages, look for those in the coming weeks.

Open Bugs can be reviewed HERE
Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE