Last Week Tonight – March 12, 2018

Below is a review of our Product updates from last week!

  • Admin – The meeting scheduler can now assign locations for attendee to attendee meetings.
  • Admin –  Using meeting location rules  you can assign locations to specific attendees or to exhibitor contacts. The scheduler uses these rules when determining what location to assign to an attendee-to-attendee meeting.
  • Admin – The meeting scheduler now honors the meeting capacities set on locations.  Previously the scheduler assigned multiple meetings to the same location if there were exhibitor contacts available.  It did not check the meeting capacities to see if there was a limitation on that particular location.  The default meeting capacity for a location is ‘1’ when it is created in the system.  Make sure to update these locations accordingly to reflect the number of meetings a locations can have at one time.
  • Admin – Only available meeting locations are shown in the meeting editor.  This applies to the admin and the website.
  • Admin – Removed meeting capacities from meeting location rules setup.  These are now exclusively set on the meeting location itself.
  • WebsiteLogin page header, body, and registration link are now customizable via terminology.

Open Bugs can be reviewed HERE
Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE