February 12, 2018

  • Admin – Attendees Listing page has been restyled.  The page was restyled to reduce horizontal scrolling and the action button to changed to match the styling we use on apps.
  • AdminTerminology menu has moved to under Appearances
  • Admin – ‘Force invite‘ function is now available for moderators
  • Admin – Scheduler proposal settings. It is now possible to choose what recommendation states to include when generating meeting proposals.
  • AdminAttendee to Attendee meeting recommendations.  The hosted buyer functionality you all love to recommend meetings has been updated to include attendee to attendee meetings.  Talk to your account manager to more info on this opportunity.
  • AdminAttendee Recommendation Limits. When generating recommendations via matching tags, you frequently end up with too many matches.  To address this, the tag generators now honor the recommendation confirmation limit.
  • Admin – Recommendations generators reset improvements.  The generator now runs in a couple of seconds instead of a couple of minutes to reset recommendations.
  • AdminRecommendations ‘i’ info.  When you are reviewing a users/companies recommendations you can click the ‘i’ to see the tag matches for that record.
  • Admin – Ability to enable Zerista Survey functionality per conference for moderator access.
  • Admin – Zerista Surveys: Require the ‘thank you page text’ for completed survey submissions
  • Website/Apps – Zerista Surveys: Ability to update your answer on the ‘thank you page’

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