January 29th, 2018

  • Admin – Menu changes.  Menus that become visible when you select an attendee, exhibitor, poster or session have moved from the 2nd level to the 3d level.  This greatly improves their visibility and makes it more obvious how they work.  Before & After
  • Admin – Menu changes.  We removed the old Getting Started Guide menu since it is no longer used.
  • Admin – Menu item changes.  The actions/rate limits menu is now under Settings>Permissions.
  • Admin – Menu item changes.   We changed the name of the Settings>Basic to Settings>Conference
  • Admin – The Conference Listing icon now available on branding page.  This image was previously available on the startup page but has been moved to this page to live with the other branding images.  It also duplicates and displays as the image in the admin once updated.
  • Admin – We removed the preference ‘expire autologin links after first use’ option from the admin and enabled this feature for all events by default.
  • Admin – The default password script was updated to include an option to reset passwords for all conference attendees and not just unactivated attendees.
  • Admin – Menus.  Cleaned up menu design and simplified the editor to get us one step closer to self service menu setup.

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