December 22, 2017

  • Admin – Remove visibility settings in admin.  Visibility settings for users are no longer needed with default permissions available to setup on each Zerista platform.  To avoid further confusion on the feature set we have removed this option.
  • Admin – Zerista Survey Resurrection – Zerista now has the ability to create surveys for your next event.  Zerista surveys can be created for Conference, Events, and Meetings.  Speak you your Zerista account rep for how to get these configured for your next event.
  • Admin – Ability to upload mp3 files on the files page
  • AdminConcurrent Session UI created.  We have added a rules page for sessions that’s let you configure whether concurrent sessions can be added to an attendee’s schedule
  • iOS – Action icon and UI update.  We have revamped the iOS user interface for accessing actions (send, meeting, notes, etc) to make it simpler and more similar to stock iOS apps such as  the Music app. Available in version 282
  • Mobile WebNon branded smart banner to download and log you into an app automatically
  • Mobile WebHelp question mark (?) added on the top right of onboarding pages

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