August 7, 2017

  • Admin – Script for export of delivery errors updated to use generic text (was event specific text before which was confusing)
  • Apps – 508 Compliance – 508 compliance means that all users, regardless of disability status, can access technology.  To enable this feature turn on Voice Over on iOS or Talk Back on Android.  When you open the app and tap on things on the  page, the device will tell you what the item is and how to use it. Available in version 268 of  iOS and 12.50 of Android app.
  • Apps/Website – Ability to customize support, privacy and onboarding urls.  This is useful when white-labeling your site and you want to direct support and privacy links to your own sources.  Available in version 269 of iOS and 12.35 of Android app.
  • iOSRemoval of ‘host’ display on About page.  The host field was removed from the About page to bring the iOS app in alignment with the Android app.
  • iOS – ‘Learn about Zerista‘ disappears when using the app with a white-labeled site.  Available in version 269 of  iOS app.

Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE