June 19, 2017

  • Admin – Creating maps is now significantly faster
  • Admin – Maps now can include up to five zoom levels (previously it was 3)
  • Admin – Stats Display Upgrade (/admin/stats).  The stats page has been completed revamped to be faster and provide even more insight into your conference.
  • Admin – Ability to reorder stats page to be client specific and remove sections where no stats appear.  Upon request custom queries or graphs can also be created.
  • Admin – Exhibitor message/meeting statistics upgraded to return data based on the exhibitor contacts assigned to the company.  Previously stats were based on the actions taken within the exhibitor profiles instead of the contacts themselves.
  • AdminExport of Stats from admin to CSV.  You can now export all your conference statistics into CSV reports to filter and manipulate data using Excel and other programs. You can also export specific time ranges such as before, during or after a conference.

Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE