May 15, 2017

  • Apps – Integration with Grip:  Zerista has integrated with Grip, an event networking platform powered by AI. We now provide every attendee personalized matches that enable them to meet the right people at your event.  Attendees can easily review their matches using a Tinder inspired interface – swipe left if not interested and right if interested.  If the other attendee is also interested, both parties are alerted and able to reach out to each other via message or meeting request.  Updated in version 258 of  iOS app and 12.22 of Android
  • Android – Onboarding Revamp Leads: We have greatly improved how exhibitors login to their Zerista Leads App.  Onboarding is now an easy to use, multiple step process that supports email and sms password reset options. Updated in version 12.05 of Android app.

Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE