April 10, 2017

  • Admin – Allow Scheduling of Invalidated Meeting Proposals.  Before this change you had to delete invalidated proposals and then rerun the proposal algorithms
  • Admin – Concurrent meeting error messages now include meeting time. Previously it was difficult to debug concurrent meeting errors caused by the scheduler since the error message did not mention the meeting time.
  • Admin – Meeting Recommendations: Export profiles as PDF document.  As an attendee you can export your recommended company profiles.  As an exhibitor you can export the recommended user profiles.
  • AppsOnboarding Revamp: We have greatly improved how attendees login to their Zerista App’s.  Onboarding is now an easy to use, multiple step process that supports email and sms password reset options. Updated in version 250 of  iOS app and 11.82 of Android
  • Infrastructure – Ability to add Munchkin code to admin sites.  This is for Marketo’s custom JavaScript tracking code, called Munchkin that can track individuals who visit your website so you can react to their visits with automated marketing campaigns. Even anonymous visitors are tracked along with their IP addresses and other information. 

Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE