February 20, 2017

  • Admin – Ads: Website interstitials re-eneabled.  The UI section was added to zerista.zerista.com setup for standard campaign creation.  Remember, this is a website only feature for advertising.
  • Admin – Ads: Enable asset size validations.  This won’t validate the exact dimensions, but will check to see if the uploaded image is close enough to the required size. For example an event had a image 4000×6000 while the desired size was 960×1600. We added validation to make sure the size is at least 960 (+ / – 500) x 1600 (+ / – 500). So that means the width can be between: 460 – 1460 and height can be between 1100 – 2100. So obviously this validation won’t catch any aspect ratio issues, but will catch any images that are way too different from the required size.
  • AppsRecommendation tiles in home page activity feed.  If you are using interest tags you can now have recommendation tiles appear in the activity feed.  They will appear after your first sponsorship post (if you are using those).   You will need to reset your app home page ui section to get the latest setup in zerista.zerista.com.  You able to have tiles for attendees, sessions, exhibitors, sponsors, and posters.  They are individual sections that will display in the activity feed spaced out by the number of posts in your feed.  If you do not have tags against yourself you will not see these sections in the feed (so if you are not using tags you do not need to make changes to your event setup).  You have the ability to customize the text that appears for the recommendation section header, you can change the order of the tiles, and you can lastly set the number of tiles the user can scroll horizontally (default is 5 for all tile types). (you must have version 239 on iOS or 11.6 on android to see this change).

Bug Fixes for this week can be reviewed HERE