Open Issues

Below is a list of known, open issues that are in the development queue. They are prioritized according to their impact and major issues are always fixed ASAP. This list is updated weekly and issues that are resolved will be removed. Our blog posts contains details of resolved issues and is also updated on a weekly basis. If you have questions about anything on this list and potential impact on your app or project, please get in touch with your Zerista representative.

Last updated March 25th, 2019

# Subject
2292693 Admin – Attendee list page shows notification and schedule menus
2884985 Admin – Broadcast Message: Recipients total sometimes  incorrect
2305492 Admin – Changing start time on a campaign, changes end time to 30 minutes later.
2401848 Admin – Conference: External Host Text Overlaps
2786549 Admin – Disabling the action ‘update profile’ also removes the admins ability to edit the profile
2195841 Admin – Event listing page displays wrong number of added events if over 1000
2993402 Admin – Events: Autocomplete broken for exhibitor field
2786122 Admin – Events: You can add an attendee to the attendee list that doesnt exist in the conference
2874906 Admin – Gaming buttons misaligned.
2873874 Admin – HTML Editors: ‘Description’ text overlaps editor box
2732597 Admin – Importer page shows an error if name fields have a special character (Illegal quoting)
2873598 Admin – Integrations: Buttons overlapping
2992343 Admin – Maps: Creating a micello maps populates the incorrect key
2936593 Admin – Maps: Unable to delete a box tied to a location in use
2401030 Admin – Notifications Menu disappears when editing templates
2986169 Admin – Recommendations: Ability to duplicate your entries in the admin
2735415 Admin – Requiring a location breaks advanced meeting rule creation
2894076 Admin – Rescheduler: Deleting a meeting does not remove it from rescheduler view until page refresh
2873829 Admin – Speaker sessions are unformatted
2581956 Admin – Speakers Page: Clicking into a session shows an un-styled page
2873544 Admin – Stats: Filter not highlighted
2581946 Admin – Surveys: Meeting error message is unstyled
2918698 Admin – Themes: Background Color does NOT display hex color on themes page
2819535 Admin – Theming Navigation Issues
2996037 Admin – Timeout Error when adding maps
2846148 Admin – Unable to split meetings with concurrent setting of ‘calculate based on meeting limits or onsite contacts’
2194066 Admin – User profile: Conferences view does not show all your conferences (only displays 20)
2986600 Desktop Web – My meetings icon missing from dropdown
2045905 Integrations – Post to Zerista functionality doesn’t account for integration configuration
2898541 iOS – 508: Unable to select tags in onboarding
2885580 iOS – Unregister Push Notifications On Logout
2111957 iOS 278 – Agenda: when selecting another day filter the time of day directed to is random
2104430 iOS 279 – Comments do not wrap long company names of user posting
2126225 IOS 281 – Liking post in post menu causes the page to shift
2029324 iOS 286 – Events: activity feed is not displaying when populated
2493192 iOS 291 – My surveys page displays session times in military time regardless the phones time settings
2619798 ios 296 – Login message not displaying on iphone 7
2638119 iOS 300 – Sending yourself a link makes your other reset option disappear
2647695 iOS 301 – Next disabled button state looks wrong
2649470 iOS 301 – restarting your app when on secondary tags pages shows you all tags not just your selected tags
2653558 iOS 301 – Tag Matching: Tags with Ampersands are duplicating
2672982 iOS 302 – Checking into a session on your schedule removes it from your schedule
2668903 iOS 302 – Recommendations not ordering by attendee weight in list view
2690195 iOS 303 – Match reason additional tag number incorrect
2692103 iOS 303 – Match reason cuts off when title/company is too long
2833805 iOS 309 – Contacts not honoring count
2843565 iOS 311 – Conference name appears at top of home page when loaded from particular menus
2881254 iOS 313 – Meetings: Location cut off meeting profile when no description present
2995570 iOS 317 – Software caused connection abort’ error in iOS
2943651 Mobile Web – LinkedIn Import not always working
2696014 Mobile Web – sponsor & exhibitors page show blank ad banner section gap at top
2860734 Native Apps – Tag Matching: Skippable is broken on tag overview page
2724509 Tag Matching – When match reason has only one additional match update text
2517138 Website – Advanced country search + filter does not return results
2700935 Website – App store page does not wrap event url
2919968 Website – Collateral: Attendee listings are missing collateral icons
2618060 Website – Event Maps search is broken
2220675 Website – Exhibitor Portal: accepting a meeting request after ‘assigning’ a contact gives an error message
2978510 Website – Exhibitor profiles do not show your multiple booth selections when editing your profile
2909870 Website – Grip Swiper interface does not display the match pop up message/meeting interface
2930366 Website – Home page: Exhibitor/Sponsor widgets do not display booth numbers
2972649 Website – Icons: My sponsor is missing its icon
2588313 Website – Interstitials not adhering to ‘Delay In Minutes’ parameter
2858976 Website – Meetings: Adding a third party to a meeting causes the location field to not populate or title to update
2655094 Website – Selecting from long list of tags on primary pages moves you to the top of the page after each selection
2839789 Website – Single character search returns page error on listing pages
2653880 Website – Tapping a meeting icon vs a meeting title takes you to a different profile view
2647280 Website – Tracks: All Columns option (-1) not showing on grid view